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Online Presentation - General Information

The presentation includes a 35 minutes video with new photos, film footage and Ji-li's parents' interview for the first time since the Cultural Revolution. Then it's followed by a 30~45 minutes live Q&A with Ji-li on Skype. ( DVD without author’s live Q&A is also available.)

The online presentation is easy to access, flexible to arrange, and allows any schools around the world to use it at a minimum cost.

Audience age preference: Middle school, high school and college

Audience size : Any size. It can be watched in an assembly or multi classrooms as long as Internet access is available.


  • A computer with Internet access;
  • A LCD projector;
  • Screen or wall space;
  • The ability to darken the room
$200 (include online presentation and live Q&A)
  $150 (live Q&A on Skype)
$100 (DVD only)

For more Information, please contact:

E-mail: info@JiLiJiang.com
Tel: (510) 601-5779

The Next Step:

  1. Book the presentation by submitting the Online Sign Up Form
  2. Once the signup form is received, we will confirm the date and time.
  3. Contact Ji-li for a user name and password two days before the presentation.
  4. Prepare your equipments and Internet access for the event.

Requirement for a successful presentation

  • A wired Internet will generate a much better quality of the video than a wireless.
  • Prior to the presentation, make sure the computer is rebooted to refresh the cache. Don't run any other programs.
  • Once you log in with your user name and password, don't click "view" immediately. Instead, let it sit for 30 minutes to download the video completely. This will avoid any staggering.
  • After watching the video, have Skype connected for a live Q&A. If using multiple classrooms, make sure you pre-decide an order for asking questions.


Please prepare a check payable to "Ji-li Jiang" and send it to the following address no later than five days after the presentation is delivered.

4 Commodore Dr. #442
Emeryville, CA 94608

PayPal is available for purchase a DVD only.

Thank you!